Newmarket Holidays | About the Company

Newmarket Holidays has been in operation since 1983, providing affordable holidays from the UK to destinations around the world. With a particular focus on European escorted tours, Newmarket Holidays has enjoyed a great deal of success in the thirty years that it has been operating. Newmarket Holidays is a customer focused travel company, ensuring that its holidays are reasonably priced, without cutting out the necessary high quality service that they deliver. As a testament to its good customer service, Newmarket Holidays has recently been nominated in the British Travel Awards, for the award for Best Customer Service.

Newmarket HolidaysThe difference between Newmarket Holidays and many of their competitors is the fact that they do not just organise the trip; for most breaks, there is at least one member of the Newmarket Holidays team to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. These tour managers are trained to the highest standard in the Newmarket Holidays operating procedures, ensuring the smooth running of the holiday while at the same time acting as a guide to the destination. Tour managers are able to not only guide travellers on their holiday in terms of providing an itinerary, but they must know everything there is to know about the surrounding area. Without the tour managers, Newmarket Holidays trips would not be half as memorable.

There are many destinations available to customers of Newmarket Holidays, from trips to cities in the UK to long haul journeys that last three weeks on the other side of the globe. Each trip caters for different types of travellers and as such, the variety that Newmarket Holidays provide will ensure that there is something for everyone. This goes for the trips themselves. Because Newmarket Holidays are involved in the whole holiday from departure to return journey, they make sure that travellers will also have something exciting to do while they are on holiday.

In addition to all of this, Newmarket Holidays also differ in their response to customers once the holiday has come to an end and they are back at home. Newmarket Holidays offer an automatic email update service, offering customers new holidays and breaks without being too intrusive. The website for Newmarket Holidays will also prove useful to customers as they can peruse the site at their leisure and plan out their next holiday with the company.